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Here are highlights of some past MASACC events. Articles with more photos and details of each event appeared in our "Glass Act" newsletters and can be viewed in that section of the website. We usually get together in the Spring, the Fall, at the Holidays, and at Corvettes at Carlisle. We try to move the events around the Mid-Atlantic Chapter region. We'd love to see you at our next event!


Chestertown, MD - May 2022
Working on write up.


Williamsburg, VA - December 2019
Williamsburg, VA Holiday Event - December 2019
By Vic Bary

Twenty-six MASACC members attended our 2019 Holiday event December 6-9 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Our event began on Friday afternoon with a group visit to the Colonial Williamsburg Costume Design Center, where all Colonial Williamsburg re-enactors' clothing is researched, designed, made, and maintained. The Costume Workshop creates stockings, underclothes, shirts and dresses for the "Middling Sort", as well as the elaborate costumes for re-enactors playing George and Marth Washington, senior officers in the Colonial, French and British armies and the Colonial Governor and his wife. Our guide for our two hour visit was Design Center Director Brenda Rosseau, who really lifted the curtain on what goes on behind the scenes at Colonial Williamsburg. Friday night we gathered at family-owned Giuseppe's for a fine Italian dinner and then went on a guided candlelight lantern tour including some of the shops the historic area.

Saturday began with an extended visit to the Mariners' Museum in nearby Newport News. This multi-building site covers ships and shipping from the very start of time through the present. The exhibit featured ship models that would-be builders constructed for shipping lines as part of their proposal to win the shipbuilding contract, and examples of small craft built through the ages. There was also a series of rooms featuring videos and an actual hull of a boat the raced for the Americas Cup. After a surprisingly good box lunch prepared in the Museum's kitchen we went on to review naval themed exhibits, with an emphasis on the battle between the CSS Virginia (also referred to by the name of the ship providing its hull - the Merrimack) and the USS Monitor. That battle took place on the nearby York River, and the Monitor was more recently raised off North Carolina where it had sunk several years later in a storm. After the Mariners' Museum, we returned to our hotel for a barbeque dinner and customary gift exchange in a private function room. The gifts were fun, and many were Vette-themed. John Buchannan was this year's recipient of the annually re-gifted, and now infamous, MASACC red racing long johns It will be his task to wear them well in 2020 before they are passed on to another member at the end of the year.

Sunday began with a decorations walk to explore the many festive displays in the Historic Area made with natural materials. Our guide pointed out that Christmas wasn't celebrated in the18th Century in England and the colonies as it is today, hence no twinkling lights and inflatable Santas. But home owners in the Colonial Williamsburg area have started a tradition of decorating doors and windows with wreaths and sprays made from materials that would be found in Williamsburg in that century. The displays are beautiful and very creative. We had a wonderful Sunday brunch at Le Yuca Restaurant.

After lunch at Le Yaca, many of us returned to downtown Colonial Williamsburg to walk around and enjoy the sites and visit the trade shops prior to attending the Grand Illumination just after sunset. Grand Illumination is celebrated one night each year prior to the Christmas holiday and must be seen to be appreciated. Fireworks are staged at a number of locations throughout Colonial Williamsburg and set off at the same time. We elected to place ourselves near the colonial capitol building.

All too soon it was time the bid farewell to another great holiday event. So after a breakfast at our hotel Monday morning we set off to our various homes to share the holidays with our families.


Gettysburg, PA - April 2018
Gettysburg, PA - April 2018
By Jim Gibson

MASACC's Spring 2018 outing was a visit Gettysburg, PA. The event was centered around the history of the Gettysburg civil war battle that changed American thinking forever. We stayed at the Brickhouse B&B which was located in the downtown district of Gettysburg.

On Monday April 9 we all met at the Brickhouse B&B and walked to the Gettysburg Heritage Center. The Heritage Center told the story of Gettysburg through 3-D photographs and programs, artifacts, interactive displays, and story boards. The second part of the tour was a 20-minute movie presentation that offered a great orientation to the Battle of Gettysburg. After the Heritage Center presentation some of the more hardy members of the club took a walking ghost tour (in the snow) through the town of Gettysburg. After the ghost tour the club reconvened at the Dobbin House for a delicious meal.

After breakfast at the Brickhouse it was off to tour the battlefield. Who could have imagined that on July 1 through July 3 1863 this sleepy town in Pennsylvania (no military strategic importance at all) would host the bloodiest battle in U.S. history where more than 50,000 northern and southern men ended up as causalities? The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum did an excellent job in presenting the historic battle of Gettysburg in a Cyclorama Painting. This 100+ year old oil painting is longer than a football field, taller than a 2-story building and masterfully depicts a 360-degree view of Pickett's Charge. After visiting the Museum we got in our cars and drove a private guided tour of the battlefield, stopping several times so our amazing guide could describe what had happened, virtually hour by hour.

After returning from the battlefield tour Frank Pinkus gave a nice lecture on how to maintain your solid axle corvette. The following is a summary of Frank's wisdom: 1. Our C-1's are just cars, any and every thing that applies to every other car still holds true for our toys. 2. The one BIG difference is obviously the bodies are made of fiberglass. Since the body cannot be used as the common (negative) of electrical circuits, every electrical device has a path back to battery. Most times when we have electrical issues, look for grounds or lack of a proper ground. 3. Keep it simple. Most problems are.


Annapolis, MD - Fall 2017
Annapolis, MD - Fall 2017
By Jim Gibson

The fall outing this year was a tour of Annapolis and the Naval Academy. On Monday morning, club members gathered for a private guided walking tour of the Naval Academy plus a walking tour of the State House and historic downtown Annapolis, no corvettes for day one. As always, club members participated in only what they felt they could safely accomplish. We toured Bancroft Hall at the United States Naval Academy (the largest single dormitory in the world), Memorial Hall and the Rotunda , Dahlgren Hall, and the Naval Academy Chapel (the final resting place of John Paul Jones, the father of the American Navy). The next phase of the tour was the MD state house. Construction of the State House was begun in 1772, delayed by the outbreak of the American Revolution, and completed in 1779. It contains the oldest and largest wooden dome of its kind in the United States. The Continental Congress met in the Old Senate Chamber from November 26, 1783, to August 13, 1784. During that time, General George Washington came before the Congress to resign his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and the Treaty of Paris was ratified, marking the official end of the Revolutionary War.

Before dinner we played a game that consisted of everyone receiving a dozen stones to begin with then Maureen read questions such as; have you ever received a speeding ticket in your C1, have you ever smoked pot, have you ever spent time in the back seat of a car while at the drive-in, have you ever used a fake ID, etc. Every time you did what Maureen described, you lost a rock. The first one with no rocks would win a nice Maryland coffee mug. As it turns out my lovely wife isn't the innocent angel she pretended to be, now my wife owns a nice Maryland coffee mug. The corvette club had a very nice dinner at Carol's Creek Caf� overlooking the harbor. Taking a water taxi to and from the restaurant was an added bonus.

The next day after a nice breakfast we gathered for a drive to Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville MD, with Dick and Delcy Barton in the lead driving his lovely 1961 corvette. Next we drove to Pirate's cove restaurant in Galesville where we enjoyed a nice meal. Next club members congregated on City Dock for a very enjoyable narrated boat cruise of Annapolis Harbor.

Wednesday morning we embarked on a tour of the Paca house and gardens. This five-part Georgian mansion was built in the 1760s by William Paca, one of Maryland's four Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the state's third Governor.


Long Branch, NJ - May 23-26, 2016
New York\New Jersy - 2016
By Vic Bary

On Monday, May 23, 18 MASACC members in seven straight axles (and a new Vette and a steel car) set forth from various points of the compass for Long Branch, New Jersey and our spring event. Our immediate destination was the lovely Cedars & Beeches B&B. When all were assembled, we set off on a scenic drive which included a stop at Deep Cut Gardens. That evening we had our traditional pizza dinner.

Tuesday morning, after a wonderful breakfast at Cedars & Beeches, the ladies went out on a shopping excursion, and the men adjourned to the parlor for a Technical Session conducted by Jim Gibson on the tear down and rebuild of his engine and what he learned along the way. Jim started the session with sharing some "I wish I had that decision to do over" experiences he had along the way and what he had learned about why things went south. He then asked each of us to share one (or more) similar experiences.

Tuesday afternoon was scheduled for a trip up to Sandy Hook State a Park for a guided tour of the Fort Hancock coastal artillery battlements led by a Park Ranger, followed by a stop at the Twin Lights Navesink lighthouse just above Sandy Hook in Atlantic Highlands. We started our time at Sandy Hook with a picnic lunch overlooking North Beach and enjoyed driving past the 19th century officers' houses. Through a scheduling mistake made by the Park Service, our guide had been laid on for the following day - but we were able to get him rescheduled for Thursday morning. By then it was too late to visit the Twin Lights, so we went on to Mount Mitchill and viewed New York from the 9/11 Memorial. Then on to our scheduled scavenger hunt at Seven Presidents' Beach - a great activity imagined and executed by Don and Pat Whitehead. After some freshening up, we walked over to Trama's Trattoria for an excellent dinner.

Wednesday was our big outing. We were met at our B&B by a large motorized trolley and driven to the old Jersey Central Railroad train and ferry terminal in Jersey City, from which we boated to Ellis Island. Here a Park Ranger took us through part of the facilities and acquainted us with the immigrant experience. We next ferried over to Liberty Island to visit Miss Liberty herself. We climbed up through the base and visited a museum which documented the building of the statue in France, and its reassembly on Liberty Island. She was an impressive sight, whether viewed from inside or from without. Wednesday evening we enjoyed hot dogs from the famous Wind Mill on the B&B porch, then adjourned to the parlor for a spirited round of Trivial Pursuit.

Thursday morning we had our tour of the Sandy Hook battlements led by a very knowledgeable Park Ranger. Over a two and one-half hour period we toured the battlements and the tunnel systems that supplied them. The artillery pieces and mortars fired 1,000 pound 14 inch projectiles, capable of sinking any ship trying to get through the narrows into New York harbor. (Battery Potter once held the only steam-powered disappearing gun, an expensive and complex approach that was determined to hold no advantage over counterweighted disappearing guns.) First built after the Civil War, and in use through WW II, Fort Hancock's guns were never required to fire a shot in anger.

We ended our spring event at Twin Lights in Navesink, a twin beacon light house. A lighthouse was first placed in service there in 1828, and the current twin beacon structure was built in 1862. Twin Lights was first US lighthouse to use a Fresnel lens, and was the site of some of Marconi's 1899 experiments with sending wireless telegraph signals.

Our thanks to Frank Pinkus, Tom Zimmer and the Whiteheads for their scouting work in preparation for our spring event. Hope to see you at our fall event.


Historic Virginia - Charlottesvile, VA - April 30 - May 4, 2015
Historic Virginia - April 2015
By Vic Bary

For our Spring event, MASACC scheduled an April 30th through May 4th extended stay in the greater Charlottesville, Virginia area so that we could explore the homes of a number of our Founding Fathers. The event was the brainchild of longtime member Ron Dill, who had proposed it at our Carlisle annual meeting last August. From that time until the actual event, Ron worked tirelessly - stitching together a collection of historical properties to visit, separated by bucolic drives and some great eating places. Each day started with a briefing and Ron handing out detailed driving directions for the day's events. And while the distances to be traveled were long (we logged about 1,000 miles including the round trip from New Jersey) and the forecast for a less than dry weekend discouraged some from bringing a C-1, our band of 26 members did include eight C-1s for much of the event.

Of course, it wouldn't be a MASACC event without some rain. The worst of it occurred late Thursday afternoon and evening April 30. Maureen had quite a time trying to see through it for the last hour of our drive in "Cassie" our 1956 Vette. But the winners of the "stories to tell" contest had to be Al and Marsha Schraml, who left Bel Air MD in their 1954 without the side curtains. They made it to our host hotel - the Holiday Inn Monticello - seemingly none the worse for the wear and in good spirits.

Day 1 -Friday morning we set off on our first day of historical touring. First stop was a short trip to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's mountain top home. Jefferson was a true Renaissance Man, and virtually no field of inquiry seemed to escape his notice and active participation. For starters, he designed every aspect of Monticello's architecture as well as its surrounding flower and vegetable gardens. Author of the Declaration of Independence, he served in the Virginia General Assembly, US Congress, was a foreign minister to France, as well as a Vice President and the third US President. He also found time to found and design the architecture for the University of Virginia. After touring Monticello and walking some of its extensive grounds, we made the short trip down the hill to the Michie Tavern, first opened in 1784. A period-costumed docent introduced us to 18th Century tavern life. Then it was downstairs to a cafeteria style 18th century lunch. We then set off for Ashlawn-Highland, the rustic home of our fifth president, James Monroe. Quite modest in comparison to Monticello, our visit included a 30-minute tour of the house, and then a self-led walking tour of the grounds and dependencies. Then it was return to our hotel for the briefest of rests, and then off to dinner Shadwell's Restaurant. As we were learning, there are no wasted moments on a Ron Dill organized event.

Day 2 - Saturday morning we set out on a scenic 75-mile drive to Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson's retirement home. Jefferson's wife Martha, who died in her early thirties, had inherited this nearly 5,000 acre Bedford County plantation from her father. While he was still in office as President, Jefferson began designing Poplar Forest in anticipation of retirement. In 1806, he began construction of his design, an octagonal building with north and south Classical porticos. To the east and west stood mounds - an idea he borrowed from 16th century Italian architect Palladio - landscaped and hiding matching privies. The central shaft of the octagon building was unbroken by floors allowing it to be lit by sunlight from a 3rd-story skylight. Between this feature, and the floor to ceiling windows in the outer walls, the interior of the house was bathed in light. Restoration had left small sections of the walls uncovered, allowing us to see the massive pegged beams that were the skeleton of the house - all made from poplar trees cut down on the site. After a very pleasant lunch at a nearby Appleby's, we set off for Appomattox Courthouse. It was here that Lee's ragged Army of Northern Virginia was caught by Grant's pursuing bluecoats on April 9, 1965. After unsuccessfully trying to break through the Union lines, Lee accepted the inevitable and agreed to surrender. The formal surrender occurred three days later. After a very educational visit, we had a 60-mile scenic drive back to our hotel and dinner. The dinner was served in the same large room provided Friday night. The hotel manager had placed a centerpiece on each table, a classic Corvette model kit.

Day 3 - Sunday morning we took another scenic drive to visit James Madison's home - Montpelier. Our fourth President, Madison was one of the first (along with George Washington) to realize that the Articles of Confederation did not yield a strong new country. Rather, it resulted in confederation of 13 mini-countries (each with its own borders and import duties) which would be easy for European powers to pick off one at a time. Madison pushed for a subordination of states' rights to an overarching national government. He arrived at the Convention with a carefully crafted proposal based on his experience as a Virginia legislator - the "Virginia Plan" - so well-thought through and fully developed that it succeeded at the Convention against initially long odds. When Madison became President, his wife Dolly would distinguish herself at his side and create the role of First Lady. After our return to our host hotel, we said our goodbyes to those not staying over Sunday night. Those of us remaining visited a pedestrian mall in downtown Charlottesville next to the University of Virginia campus.

Monday morning it was time to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways. Our thanks to Ron Dill (and to Jim Gibson and new member George Hooper who helped with the initial routes reconnaissance) for a spectacular Spring Event.


Berlin, MD - May 16-18, 2014
We stayed at the Atlantic Hotel in this historic town where parts of the movies "Run Away Bride" and "Tuck Everlasting" were filmed.
The hotel's many verandas made for pleasant meeting places.
Group on the porch
Saturday dawned with an annual car show in town and our cars were front and center parked in the hotel's drive.
Cars in front
After viewing the assembled cars, the boys and Maureen went into the hotel for a round of morning technical presentations. Tom Zimmer led off with a presentation on the lubrication of C-1 front ends.
Tom Z
His presentation was accompanied by a detailed handout as well as a number of the suspension parts themselves. When these parts were disassembled, it was clear that they provided metal-to-metal contact which, absent frequent greasing, would have very short lives. Tom was followed by Phil Barbaro on the subject of water management which was also accompanied by a detailed handout. Phil shared a letter that the engineer original owner of his '57 C-1 wrote to Chevrolet with numerous complaints about the car. High on the list was that it leaked like a sieve in the rain.

After lunch on our own, the boys returned to the technical sessions, while the girls went to an afternoon tea. Ray DeCesare started offwith a presentation on Airbox Fuelies, and passed around several Airbox parts. His knowledge of the subject is encyclopedic. Jim Gibson then presented on how water temperature and gas gauges work and how to assure that they are properly calibrated. For this purpose, Jim had created a "dashboard" with the gauges in place, and connected the gas gauge to a gas tank sender unit so that we could see how the system operated. All the technical sessions were well-received. Sunday morning we went on our customary road trip, this time to Assateaque Island. It was a great drive, even though we didn't see any of the famed wild ponies until the very end of the trip.

Assategue Island


MASACC 2013 Holiday Party - Dec 7, 2013
As is our usual custom, members of MASACC (17 in all) came together for our annual holiday party, driving our regular (steel) cars. We met a Joe's Crab Shack in King of Prussia, PA to partake of their "Reel Deal" menu, which gave us a choice of: fish & chips, Sur N' Turf Burger, Crab Cake Sandwich, Chicken Fried Salad, Popcorn Shrimp, Blackened Red Fish, Shrimp Past Alfredo, Malibu Shrimp or Chicken Tenders.
Members enjoying holiday party Members enjoying holiday party
A great time was had by all at this Cajun/fishing themed restaurant.

Smithville, NJ - June 7-9, 2013
Tarped 61 Trailered 61 MASACC members battle wind and rain to get to the first chapter event of the year. Historic Smithville, NJ was selected for the weekend event. And for this event, James Gibson pulled in from Williamsburg, VA with what every good C1 should wear on a rainy day. Tucked away under all that plastic is a very nice '61 fuelie.

Meeting at Hotel Meeting at Hotel We started the weekend with our tradition get together in the Hotel meeting room to get caught up on the latest developments in our lives as well as the status update on our latest projects.

Inn The weather was somewhat better Saturday, with scattered showers and scattered "no-seeums," so after exploring the various shops on the Smithville Village Greene grounds, we set off for Batsto Village, with the C-1 tops down. Halfway there, the rain started again, and we pulled over to raise our tops. Cars

Lantern Light Restaurant Lunch We enjoyed walking the grounds and seeing the site of the original iron foundry as well as touring the Wharton mansion. Then it was back to Smithville and dinner at Fred & Ethel's Lantern Light.

GM Fest 2nd Place Winners Sunday morning we joined Boardwalk Vettes GM Fest being held on the Smithville Village Greene. All told we had 6 C-1s, one Mid-Year, two C-5s, and an Olds 442 convertible. We spent the day walking the car show, where the Bary/Strazdons took 2nd and Don Whitehead took 3rd place in the C-1 class, and we received a $100 prize (twisted carefully in the shape of a golf tee) for best club attendance


Chestertown, MD, June 1-3, 2012
Chestertown, MD Chestertown, MD Historic Chestertown, Maryland was selected as a desirable central point for the Spring Event attendees (whose homes ranged from Northern, NJ to Williamsburg, VA) and the event turned out to be a great success.

Chestertown, MD After Friday cocktails, we walked a few blocks to the Fish Whistle restaurant nestled next to the Chester River.
Saturday morning, after delicious B&B breakfasts, we set out on a road trip. The first leg took us north from Chestertown to Turner�s Creek Park where we stopped at the 18th Century Knox�s Folly homestead which is filled with information about the local waterways. From there we headed southeast for a lunch stop at Two Tree in Millington, MD. The seafood restaurant had set up a private room for us and we enjoyed delights like crab cakes and fried oyster sandwiches with hushpuppies, etc. And, from there we headed back to Chestertown for a total trip of about 50 miles on lightly traveled roads surrounded by farms.

Chestertown, MD Chestertown, MD

Saturday night we ordered in pizza and sat on the John Stam house porch and enjoyed pizza, wine, and good company. Sunday morning we had another fabulous road trip, which took us first to the Eastern Neck Wildlife Reserve and from there we dispersed and headed home.


Mistletoe Magic Dec 3-4, 2011
Mistletoe Magic Mistletoe Magic Six MASACC couples (2 from Maryland, 2 from New Jersey, and one each from Pennsylvania and Virginia) gathered at the Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, PA for our annual Holiday get-together. The Allenberry is a resort about 15 minutes from Carlisle where many of us stay during Corvettes at Carlisle. This year we took advantage of their package of dinner and holiday entertainment on Saturday night along with lodging, and breakfast on Sunday morning.
We started our festivities with a "Secret Santa," where individuals select a wrapped gift and after opening it, the individual could elect to keep it, or exchange it for any other unwrapped gift. Gifts had been selected to suit a vintage car group. Bill Conlon got a furry hat equipped with integrated ear flaps. The Secret Santa, aided by a little food and wine was enjoyed by all and led to a good deal of laughter. Mistletoe Magic

That evening we enjoyed a carving board buffet dinner in the main dining room, and then left for the evening's entertainment in the resort's theater. An original composition and entitled "Mistletoe Magic".

Sunday morning, we enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast and then it was time to say our goodbyes and head home.

Cape May/Ocean City - October 2011
As our event in Cape May/Ocean City, NJ drew near, we had 9 C-1's signed up. An important turn out, as our club was going to participate Sunday in the Corvettes on the Boardwalk event in Ocean City. Then, as Friday drew near, with rain forecast Friday through the following Thursday, and 5" or more predicted for Friday. The impact was immediate and severe - with the C-1s actually arriving cut to 3. Ocean City

Our group gathered Friday evening at the Camelot Motel in Cape May and enjoyed pizza. Don & Pat Whitehead, who usually arrive in Don's '60, had arrived in Pat's birthday present from Don - a Velocity Yellow Grand Sport - a nice combination of paint and outrageous go fast parts. Ocean City

Saturday morning dawned with a Tech Session - with Lorrin Young discussing his 1962 restomod. The Honduras Maroon '62 came into Lorrin and Carrol's lives in 1981, as a well worn, but essentially correct, "project." Over the next 5 years, Lorrin restored it himself, including painting it. He and Carrol then enjoyed it for the next 20 years. When he retired, he decided to restore the car again with a bit of encouragement from his son Brian - who noted that he and Carrol might spend more time driving a car that ran, braked and steered reliably, and was air conditioned. What followed was a 27 month journey filled with a few tears, but ultimately a lot of smiles. The result is a Magnetic Red Metallic II beauty in which has an aluminum frame featuring a Jim Meyers front and rear suspension, an LS2 engine, and a 4L60E 4-speed with overdrive. QA1 coilovers with adjustable shocks, and power disc brakes with cross-drilled and vented rotors round out the rolling stock. Seats are cashmere colored leather, and the top is Oak colored. The car is car is air-conditioned, has power steering and windows, and unique custom alloy wheels. With the aluminum frame and other parts bringing the weight down to 2,400 pounds, the car can literally do a wheelie if hammered from a standstill.

After a break for lunch, we gathered for a road tour that took us to the Cape May Light House and then Sunset Beach. Then it was off to a ride on Coastal Wetlands Safari's "Skimmer" through the salt marshes of Cape May where we saw heron, osprey, cormorants, skimmers, plovers, ibis, and even a brown footed booby which has temporarily taken up residence. Ocean City

After the safari, it was back to the hotel, and were off to Martini Beach restaurant where we were, once again, delighted with the food, service, and the surroundings. Sunday morning we were off to Ocean City, NJ for the annual Corvettes on the boardwalk event sponsored by Nearly 350 Corvettes (down in number because of the threatened rain) left the Ocean City airport for the Ocean City boardwalk which is New Jersey's longest boardwalk at 2 � miles. AND, of course, the sun shone all day long. Ocean City Ocean City

MASACC Ladies Once again it was the end of August and MASACC members congregated at Carlisle. And, once again, Carol Conlon had set up a small event at the Allenberry Playhouse for the ladies that had had enough Corvettes for one weekend. The playhouse had a play about Buddy Holly and buffet lunch. The ladies indicated that they enjoyed both immensely and are looking forward to a return engagement next year.

Corvettes at Carlisle 2011 has come and gone. The event this year will be remembered by one word - Irene. Corvettes at Carlisle 2011 Corvettes at Carlisle 2011

This year, because of the introduction of the new Corvette color - Carlisle Blue - our traditional tent spot just inside Gate 3 was taken over with a display of Blue Corvettes with the place of honor held by John Battista's '54.

Our SACC Tent location was still close enough to the traditional spot that people were able to find us. And, the sales store did a land office business all day Friday and on Saturday morning. Corvettes at Carlisle 2011 Corvettes at Carlisle 2011

Saturday afternoon brought the MASACC business meeting in the SACC tent where we had a lively discussion and were able to conduct all necessary business - congratulations to Dick Barton on his election a MASACC President starting in January.

"O Be Joyful" - Harpers Ferry, May 2011
Harpers Ferry 2011 The weather forecasts would have left John Brown concluding his prospects looked better than ours. The weather forecasters couldn't make up their minds, but they knew it wasn't going to be good. The impact on club members' ride choices reflected those predictions. While we had 24 members and 2 guests in attendance, we had only 3 C-1s (plus one period Mopar Hemi) in attendance.

Harpers Ferry 2011 The event started Friday night with a deli sandwich dinner in the Comfort Inn breakfast room.

Friday morning, after a buffet breakfast at the hotel, we went downtown Harpers Ferry to have a tour of the town by Rick Garland, principal of "O Be Joyful" tours - a tourist favorite in Harpers Ferry. The very tall Mr. Garland met us garbed as a Confederate colonel, and took us on a 3-hour tour of Harpers Ferry history which was positively mesmerizing.

Harpers Ferry 2011 We enjoyed it so much, that we asked Rick to be our guide on our planned afternoon drive through the Antietam battlefield.

Harpers Ferry 2011 After lunch on our own in Harpers Ferry, we drove the 20 miles or so to Antietam, and then drove the self-guided tour of the battlefield.

After Antietam, we drove to Shepherdstown to the Bavarian Inn. The Inn sits on a hill overlooking the town and valley Rick Garland had assured us it was the best restaurant for miles and the place where area people go to celebrate weddings and other important events.

Harpers Ferry 2011 Sunday morning, we were in for a great treat, as newsletter editor Ron Dill conducted an extended tech session about various challenges he has faced in the repair/restoration of his '61. He conducted sessions on: glove box lock removal and replacement, Pitman Arm Stud and 3rd Arm Stud removal and replacement, Passenger Side Dash Insert Cove moulding replacement, and what can be used as a spare tire that won't stand too tall under your floor mat.

Harpers Ferry 2011 And the weather? Well, perhaps we should rename the weekend the 'Camelot Tour," for while it rained Saturday night, not a drop fell on us Saturday, or Sunday morning. Harpers Ferry 2011

Convention 2011 This year's convention came quickly on the heels of the 2010 Convention in Bowling Green, KY, because the host chapter (the Sunshine State Chapter) had planned for the Convention to follow the NCRS Winter Regional in "Old Town" Kissimme across the street.

Convention 2011 Because of the winter time scheduling of the convention, there were very few solid axle cars in attendance. People had stored their cars for the winter and with the dire predictions being made by the weatherman, they were reluctant to get the cars out of the garage.

After the event registration process, people had a chance to look over the items donated for the silent auction which was going to be held during the Banquet on Tuesday night. The reception gave everyone time to catch up on old times with friends from around the country. The finger food on the reception table disappeared in a hurry, but there was plenty of ham left over for sandwiches. Convention 2011 Convention 2011 Convention 2011
Convention 2011 Convention 2011 Tuesday morning, early, we lined up for the caravan to the "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing just South of Ocala. The museum is full of restored passenger cars from the 40s as well as restored cars that Gartits had raced over the years.
Convention 2011 Convention 2011 We departed the Museum for a ride through the countryside to Lady Lakes and the Harbor Hills Country Club for lunch where our lunch, and very special, speaker lives. After the nice lunch, our speaker and guest of honor - Betty Skelton Erde - was introduced. In her career as an airplane pilot and car driver, Mrs. Skelton set 17 aviation and automobile records. In 2001 she was inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame in Bowling Green. Her picture hangs in the great hall along with the picture of Noland Adams.
Convention 2011 Convention 2011 Tuesday morning was Tech Session Time.

Convention 2011 The first presenter was Mike Kokolis from Glassworks, The Hardtop Shop. The Glassworks folks have built a lift system used to remove and store hard tops when they are not on the car. The system can be - safely - operated by one person. It has a key fob to control lift/lowering the top and special foam points to secure the top in place on the straps.

Convention 2011 Convention 2011 Next up was Billy Dawson from Corvette Correction. Billy builds a C-1 replacement frame as well as building and selling Resto-mods. His frame is perfect for the C-4 engine, transmission and rear end and fits perfectly under a vintage C-1 body. This gives you the convenience and reliability of the late model Vettes and the good looks of the C-1. We then adjourned to the parking lot to look at Billy's current ride. His ride is a beautiful Silver '61 with all the C-4 parts and a special dash and interior.

Convention 2011 The morning sessions ended up with Lance Miller and the Briggs Cunningham #3 '60 Corvette Race Car. The car is restored to just the way it was when it was transported to Le Mans back in 1960 where it finished first in class and 8th overall in the 24 hour race. One of the original drivers from back then still lives - John Fitch. This year Lance and John took the car back to Le Mans for a couple of laps on the famous course. The #3 car was a 290 horse Fuel Injected model and no expense was spared in making it exactly as it was when it was in the race. The restoration effort required something over 3,700 hours.

Convention 2011 The afternoon session on Tuesday was reserved for the SACC Membership meeting. The SACC Board, headed by Max Brockhouse, met with all interested members to discuss SACC issues. The last scheduled event for the convention was the Banquet where our guest speaker, Lance Miller, treated us to a power point slide show and a running description of the trials and tribulations associated with the effort to take the #3 car to Le Mans for the 50 year celebration. Convention 2011


Bottoms Up at the Rock Bottom, Holiday Party, King of Prussia, PA - December 5, 2010
SnowmanOur chapter has had a holiday party each year since its founding, usually at some truly wonderful restaurant at the King of Prussia Plaza. This year we selected the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery for its combination of ambiance, the offer of a private room, and a wide choice of menu at a reasonable price.

It was another successful holiday party, and if you haven't been to one before, we hope you'll join us in December, 2011.

Misty in Mystic, October 1 - 3, 2010
Mystic LighthouseFor ten years now our chapter outings have enjoyed good weather. However, as Friday, October 1, approached it looked like our winning streak was coming to an end. Forecasts were for 5" - 15" of rain and most of us decided not to drive our C-1s to Connecticut. The drive up the East Coast to Mystic was gray and there were bands of rain along the way, but nothing like to doom and gloom the weather forecasters had promised.

We had selected the historic Whaler's Inn for our event. After catching up with one another, we headed up Main Street to Mystic Pizza --the restaurant has grown quite a bit since the 1988 movie. The pizza is great!

Saturday morning dawned sunny, if a bit brisk for our walk to the Mystic Seaport Museum. Mystic Street Scene Cars at Mystic
Mystic Rope Factory The grounds include shops typical of the 18th and 19th century seaport. One of the most interesting businesses was the very long rope making factory where hemp was turned into ropes of all different dimensions. Among the demonstrations given at the seaport was the launching of a whaling ship dory with crew.

Mystic Boats Whaling crews were international in make-up, as very few native New Englanders were interested in the dangerous multi-year cruises (The longest recorded outing lasted seven years.).

We spent a full day at the Seaport, and then had our dinner back on Main Street at the Ancient Mariner restaurant. Dinner was lively and the conversation at our L-shaped table became a bit loud at times.
Dinner at Ancient Mariner Dinner at Ancient Mariner
Coast Guard Academy Sunday morning after breakfast, we headed down to Groton to visit the Submarine Force Museum. It was a fascinating experience. Dick Barton (a former Coastie) also used the occasion to visit the Coast Guard Academy in nearby New London.

MASACC Annual Meeting, Carlisle, PA - August - 2010
Corvettes at Carlisle 2010The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club (MASACC) annual meeting was called to order at 3 PM, Saturday August 28 at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.

President Maureen Strazdon reported that:
  • A mail campaign to SACC members who are not members of MASACC but live in the states we serve netted five (5) new members.
  • A newsletter survey of MASACC membership about Chapter events indicated that the primary reason respondents attended events was to see friends and to visit interesting places.
A suggestion that we put an invitation to join MASACC in every non-member C-1 at Carlisle was carried out again this year.

Vice President John Buchanan's Report included:
  • The October, 2009 Cumberland, MD event
  • The Cape May December, 2009 Holiday
  • The May, 2010 visit to New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ
Corvettes at Carlisle 2010The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club (MASACC) annual Maureen also reminded the group that our Mystic, CT event will be October 1-3, and that the spring 2011 event would be in Harpers Ferry and a date was chosen for the 2010 Holiday Party which will once again be in King of Prussia, PA.

Treasurer Mike Boyer gave his report, which indicated that the Chapter finished the entirety of 2009 with a net income of $687.15.

Newsletter Editor Ron Dill encouraged members to keep articles and ideas for articles coming to him.

OLD BUSINESS: A discussion was held of whether the event registration fee used to pay for an over-night guard to watch over the cars was necessary, members indicated that they wanted security guards and said that registration fees were not an issue for them.

NEW BUSINESS: VP John Buchnan was elected Vice-President for the 2011-2012 term of office. And, Treasurer Mike Boyer, who has served in that role since the Chapter's formation, stepped down and Paul Catinella was unanimously elected to the 2011-2012 term of office.

The discussion of whether the cost of attending Chapter events might be constraining attendance was continued, and a decision to test this hypothesis with the May 2011 Harpers Ferry event was decided on. The host hotel will be less expensive than usual and no registration fee will be charged.

There being no further new business, the annual meeting was adjourned at 4 PM.

MASACC Ladies Outing
Allenberry Playhouse The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club (MASACC) annual The "Gallivanting" ladies of MASACC attended the Allenberry Playhouse presentation of Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical. It seems that these ladies found the play to be much more interesting than sitting in the Gate 3 SACC tent at Carlisle watching the Corvettes come and go.

Anyway, the group enjoyed the show, the food and the good company. Carol Conlon arranged the outing which was attended by (left to right) Carole Whitmoyer, Faith DeCesare, Carolanne Barbaro, Marilyn Bean, Sandy Dill, Karen Russo, Carol Conlon and Carol Young.
A Day at the Races, May 21-23, 2010
MASACC Group Picture 23 club members in 12 Corvettes (10 C-1's, a C-2, and a C-5) descended on the Vineland, NJ, Wingate hotel for our Chapter's Spring gathering. The weekend was scheduled around the New Jersey Vintage Grand Prix and Family Festival being held at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.

Saturday morning, Phil Barbaro led our motorcade to the Motorsports Park where VSCCA Racing and a car show were taking place.

New Jersey Cycles At noon, the Wounded Warriors arrived preceded by a large motorcycle escort of armed services members.

Saturday evening we had dinner at The Maplewood, a local Italian restaurant, the food was outstanding and the service most pleasant and attentive. Sunday morning, Phil led us on a scenic drive through the country to their house and separate business. After breakfast, Phil took us to his garage where he showed us a two-owner 1957 he is in the process of restoring.
Car Repairs Tech Session


Milford, PA - May - 2009
2009 Milford, PA - Cliff Park Inn - Club Photo 2009 Milford, PA - Socializing at the Inn

MASACC members from Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania gathered at the Cliff Park Inn in historic Milford, Pennsylvania, for our spring fling. The Cliff Park Inn was recently voted one of the 10 most romantic inns in the US by American Historic Inns. The rambling wood frame B&B with its wide porch and excellent meals did not disappoint.

Late afternoon Friday, we all assembled in the living room of the Inn for a complimentary cocktail and trays of hors d'oeuvres. We then adjourned to the dining room to sample the delicious fare prepared by the Inn's chef - a graduate of James Beard and the Culinary Institute. It's fair to say that no one left the table hungry that weekend.

Saturday morning we assembled for a drive through the country, on a route prepared for and guided by Brian and Donna Whitehead. Following picturesque local roads we visited Raymondskill Falls, and later Dingmans Falls in Childs Recreation Park. We walked the trails and visited the falls at both sites.

2009 Milford, PA - Club photo at the falls

At the end of our touring we drove back to Milford to visit Grey Towers, a National Historic Site which was the home of Forest Service founder, Gilford Pinchot.

2009 Milford, PA - Socializing at the Inn

After another fabulous dinner, members Don Whitehead and Vic Bary brought out their guitars and led the evening's songfest. While spirited and fun, it's fair to say that neither Eric Clapton nor Jimmy Page need fear for their careers.

Sunday morning it was another sumptuous breakfast and time for goodbyes. For those of you that missed this great event, mark your calendars for October 24 - 26. Bill and Carol Conlon have put together a Fall event at the Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort ( in Cumberland, Maryland.  More info and registration form.


Ocean City, NJ - September - 2008
2008 Ocean City, NJ - Boyers with their '54

When the �A Day at the Beach � Boardwalk Corvettes� event ended Sunday, September 21 in Ocean City, New Jersey, and 430 Corvettes had been evaluated, the announcer�s voice rang out, �Best C-1, Mike and Barb Boyer�s 1954 Corvette.� But I get ahead of myself.

MASACC�s fall event was held September 19-21 in Ocean City, New Jersey to correspond with that city�s weekend celebrations. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy our club�s activities and to supplement them with the great events that Ocean City had scheduled.

2008 Ocean City, NJ - Parked at Air Show

On Saturday morning, we gathered at the Ocean City airport to watch the air show and to participate in the classic car display. Dozens of aircraft were on display on the airfield, � ranging from general aviation (Pipers, Mooneys. Ryans) to exotic aerobatic aircraft, a 1930�s biplane, and an SNJ (The Navy�s version of the North American AT6 � the WWII trainer that all pursuit pilots learned their basic skills in). Aerobatic planes jinked about trailing smoke, model airplanes showed their moves, a banner dragging plane snagged a banner 2 feet off the ground and flew it around the airfield, and a lawnmower flew. And, classic cars paraded around the airfield. What wasn�t there to like?

2008 Ocean City, NJ - Plane at Air Show

After the fun at the airfield, we gathered together and set out on a Shore to Please drive prepared by Paul and Luann Catinella. We drove up the shore road to Margate to visit Lucy. Lucy is a 60-foot tall wooden elephant built by a real estate developer in the 1890s to promote sale of the property he had bought on the Jersey Shore.

2008 Ocean City, NJ - Plane at Air Show

She even had a brief period where her interior was rented as lodging. In the 1970�s, she was at risk of being torn down and destroyed (to make room for a condominium of course), when locals rallied round her, and raised the funds for her preservation. We�re so glad they did.

2008 Ocean City, NJ - Tuckahoe Inn

After our visit with Lucy, we drove down the coastal route, then turned inland and drove North again to the Tuckahoe Inn. While the wait for them to prepare our table for 22 was a bit longer than we would have liked, the food was fabulous, as was our server, Ashley, who had to attend to two large groups on a very long day. Thanks Paul and Luann for a great drive, and Maureen for the Tuckahoe Inn.

2008 Ocean City, NJ - Lining up cars

Sunday morning we gorged ourselves at The Varsity Inn and then set off for the airfield, once again, to await our turn to leave for the Boardwalk Corvettes show. The Atlantic City club has crafted show logistics to a science over 18 years of conducting the Ocean City event. They lined up 430 Corvette by club, in the order we would be staged on the boardwalk, and had police directing traffic all the way from the airport to the boardwalk 2 � miles away. At the appointed time cars began departing in a near unbroken line .

At 3 miles in length, Ocean City�s boardwalk is the longest in New Jersey. Lined up two abreast, 430 Corvettes stretched for nearly a mile on the boardwalk. It was a glorious 80 degree sunny day, and the boardwalk was as crowded as I�ve ever seen it on a July or August weekend. A fair number of sunbathers and swimmers were on the beach and in the water.

In walking the boards, I saw a number of beautiful cars and a few Question Marks. Kerbeck had their 1953 on display, a 1954 Toys for Tots car, and a nice �61 or �62 (I forget which) Fuelie. Our club�s 11 C-1�s accounted for fully 2/3s of all the C-1�s to be found (they�re just not making them any more) and drew a lot of positive attention. A couple of nice Split Windows and some great paint jobs, and then, the Question Marks.

Question Marks? How about the black �54 with the huge blower sticking out of the hood, the jacked up suspension with the drum brakes apparent front and rear, and the roll bar that wobbled if touched? One can only hope this car goes from show to show in a trailer, and never sees the road. It looked like a death wish on wheels.

Then there was the �64 �Shark.� Yes, I know that body style wasn�t introduced until 1968, but how else do you describe a �64 with fins, a swimmer�s legs dangling out of the tooth-filled grill, and a shark tail that wagged back and forth. The �Black Widow� clearly had Peter Benchley or Bill Mitchell firmly in mind.

Late in the afternoon the awards were announced. They started with the frivolous and funny with a Boardwalk Corvettes member singing the first few stanzas of the song associated with the award. So, she sang the beginning of �Blue Bayou� for the Best Blue Corvette, and, well you get the idea. But then came the real deal, the best car for each Corvette series. And honors for the Best C-1 went to Mike and Barb Boyer�s black 1954, and the crowd signaled its agreement with their applause. The whole event was a lot of fun and really well organized and conducted.

After exiting the boards and wending our way back to our motel (the Forum Motor Inn) to watch a bit of our favorite team�s Sunday football game (Go Iggles!), we went to dinner across the street to the Tigerlilly Caf� in the Historic Landmark 1928 Homestead Hotel. The caf� was suggested to Maureen by our host motel, and it did not disappoint. Hostess and co-owner Donna arranged a wonderful dinner and we just loved the early 20th century decor and the artist�s attention she had lavished on our private dining room. Several members were so taken by the surroundings, that they may consider the Inn (which has 50 condominium rooms) for a future event.

The fall event was another great weekend spent with old friends (and old cars) and we look forward to the Holiday event, December 7 in King of Prussia. We promise that it will be a day to live in memories, not in infamy.

Solid Axle Convention and Corvettes at Carlisle - Harrisburg/Hershey and Carlisle, PA - August - 2008



The 2008 convention has now passed into history. I had thought that our first attempt at a convention back in 2005 was a high water mark and that all subsequent conventions paled in comparison. However, with 2008 we have raised the bar and all future conventions will be held to thisn ew standard.

With that said, let�s recount some convention memories.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Merchandise Display

Tuesday is the normal arrival day as people begin gathering for the festivities. However, long before the first attendees arrive, MASACC stalwarts were busy behind the scenes setting things up. Brad Bean was busy establishing the MASACC �Outlet� with a number of clothing items and miscellaneous SACC

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Silent Auction Display

paraphernalia for sale. Mike & Karen Russo were busy setting up items for the silent auction. John & Joanne Battista were getting the registration table in order.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Registration

And, even further, behind the scene, Bill & Carol Conlon were setting up the secure parking lot for the attendee�s cars and trailers. And, we mustn�t forget the most indispensible member of the team� Mike Boyer. Mike was standing by, check book open and pen at the ready � ready to write the checks necessary to cover the convention expenses.

While this was all going on, the hotel staff was busy laying out the room for that nights scheduled MASACC Newsletter 2 reception. Heavy finger foods were advertised, but what showed up were the heaviest finger foods I�ve ever seen!!! We had the standard veggies, cheese and crackers, followed by a buffet line.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Buffet Line 2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Appetizers

Accompanied with a bread and cold cut table. And, after that we had a fabulous desert table.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Bread and cold cut table 2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Dessert Table

There was even plenty of food left after about 130 convention attendees had eaten their fill. There was something for everyone and if anyone went away hungry � it had to be a deliberate act on their part.

As a part of the evening�s festivities, attendees were supposed to wear clothing that would have been in style when their car was new. Unfortunately, since most of that clothing would now be about 50 years old � it has either been disposed of, or it no longer fits. However, Brad Bean looked particularly resplendent in his college letterman�s sweater.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Dining 2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Frank and Dianna

As a side bar, the disk jockey had set up a camera and took pictures MASACC Newsletter 3 of all comers during the evening. Here Frank Paschal poses with the very photogenic Dianna Celesky from the hotel staff.

This would be a good time to mention the hotel and staff � since our last convention, the hotel has changed hands and is now a part of the Sheraton Chain. The hotel staff could not have been more helpful � whatever we needed was made available � as if by magic. You hear people say � �Service is my middle name� but you soon find that they really don�t mean it. The Sheraton Chain can be very proud of the folks at the Harrisburg/Hershey hotel as they truly understand what service means.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Lining Up

Wednesday dawned with a line up and caravan via back roads to Carlisle to visit the Chip Miller collection of Corvettes � currently in the care of Chip�s son Lance. Along the way, we stopped in the rolling Pennsylvania hills at a gas station for a top off and an opportunity to look at and discuss C-1 performance characteristics.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Filling Up

Beautiful country, and marvelous weather � Ron Whitmoyer did himself proud with his route selection .

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Carlisle Fairgrounds

Arriving at Carlisle we parked in the normal Solid Axle parking area � very strange to be on the Carlisle Fair Grounds before it is covered with Corvettes, vendors and people.

The Miller collection is housed in a small garage, small but through the use of 4-post lifts, etc. every available inch of floor space is used.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Miller Collection

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Miller Collection

We owe a big thank you to Lance for opening the collection for our visit as well as giving us a �play-by-play� rundown on the cars and their histories. While the cars were neat, I found the collection of �niece� cars (one for each of Chip�s nieces) to be particularly interesting.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Miller Collection 2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Miller Collection

So, back to the hotel for a SACC provided lunch � again, far more food than our hungry wayfarers could eat. After lunch

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Tech Session

Larry Pierson conducted a tech session on the solid axle wiring harness. He emphasized the differences between original wiring and the replacement/reproduction wiring available on the market today. Towards the end of his presentation he gave us a run down on the plans for the Southern California Sponsored 2009 SACC Convention in Ventura, CA. It is still early, but clearly, these guys are well on their way to putting together another memorable SACC event.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Sit Down Dinner

After the tech session � your convention planners had decided � �enough of the fun and frivolity!� And, it was time for the annual SACC business meeting. Actually, it was a pretty good meeting and I�ll let Ken tell you all about it in the next issue of On Solid Ground.

So, once the meeting was behind us � it was time to eat again. After the previous evening and the finger food, we were certain that the hotel could not top that with a sit-down dinner. However, we were wrong! Plenty of good food for all.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Brad Bean

Brad Bean, SACC Vice-President and Convention Planner Extraordinaire, introduced the guest speaker for the evening. Bill Miller is one half of Carlisle Productions. Bill gave us a run down on how he and Chip happened to come together to start a little car show/vendor opportunity in central Pennsylvania. Clearly, they didn�t know what they were starting when they held their first event.

Dinner was also the last chance to bid on silent auction items.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Getting bidders

For those of you that don�t know � Karen & Mike Russo run the auction � they gather auction items and convince people to bid. Ultimately, all proceeds from the auction are donated to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation which goes to fund Amyloidosis research.

Thursday started early with a caravan to the AACA museum just outside Hershey. If you have not been there � you should make it a �Must See� on your list of things to do before you die. For the ladies that would rather take advantage of the opportunity to forage for good deals at the loca l retail outlets, rather than look at �old cars,� a bus was available to take people to the Vanity Fair Outlet in Reading.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - AACA Museum with cars

Our museum visit started with the obligatory group photo. Mike Boyer had set this up with the museum and they had a cherry picker on hand to get the intrepid photographer up high enough to get all in the picture as well as he managed to get the Hershey Kiss vehicle to the display to add a little more local color.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Hershey Kiss Mobile

One of the museum volunteers gave us a guided tour of the museum and provided some history on the vehicle in the exhibit. The museum has one Corvette, a VERY NICE black C-1. And, this year�s special display was �Tail Fins�� it was so nice to see those huge old cars of my youth.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - AACA Museum 2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - AACA Museum

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - AACA Museum Lunch

After the tour we gathered in the museum lunch room for a box lunch of sandwiches and a presentation by the Museum Curator, Jeff Bliemeister, (I hope I have that correct! Editor). He discussed plans the museum has and where the cars come from that are on display � a behind the scenes tour, if you will.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - AACA Museum

We soon adjourned and returned to the hotel where people prepared to �Head for Carlisle� and the last official act of �Convention 2008� that act being the presentation of the check to the Chip Miller Foundation. Between the proceeds from the silent auction and a small donation from MASACC we were able to provide a check for $3,000to the foundation. Pictured from left to right are Brad Bean, Mike Russo, Karen Russo, Lance Miller, and Judy Miller.

2008 SACC Convention - Harrisburg/Hershey, PA - Check Presentation

That�s it guys! A great time and if you missed it � better luck next time! See you all soon in Ventura.

Baltimore, MD - June 6-8, 2008
2008 Baltimore, MD - Group Picture

30 MASACC members and friends arrived in style - in 13 C-1s and two late model Vettes - in White Marsh, MD (a suburb of Baltimore) for our spring event. 2008 Baltimore, MD - Friday Dinner 2008 Baltimore, MD - Allison Transmission Friday evening found us dining at the Bayou Blues Caf�, across the street from our host hotel. For our Saturday morning Tech Session, we toured the Allison transmission plant (technically part of the GM Powertrain Division) in White Marsh. The White Marsh plant assembles transmissions for light and medium duty trucks, both of which are automatics. One transmission is for gas and diesel trucks, and the other is for hybrids.

2008 Baltimore, MD - Inner Harbor Maureen had arranged for a bus to take us to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for the afternoon. On the drive in, we passed Babe Ruth's house, and stopped to let some of our group off at the B&O Train Museum. Once at the Inner Harbor, we all scattered and went our separate ways to see the Aquarium, shop, view the old ships (a submarine, sailing ship, and a lighthouse ship), etc.

2008 Baltimore, MD - Inner Harbor

We headed home early as we had reservations at By the Docks restaurant where the dinners were everything that we had been led to believe.

2008 Baltimore, MD - Saturday Dinner After dinner we adjourned to Bengies Drive In for an "evening at the movies." Unfortunately, we were unaware that Bengies has a rule that "absolutely no photographs are to be taken!" As we waited in line to get into the drive-in, Maureen took several pictures of ours cars under the theater sign.

2008 Baltimore, MD - Bengies

Suddenly a voice rang out, "Hey, no pictures in the drive-in." And, the next thing we knew "That's it, you're out of here, all you Corvettes are out of here!" So, 13 Corvettes drove through the box office line, out the exit and back to our host hotel for an evening of socializing in the lobby. The whole experience will become of part of MASACC lore.

Sunday, the meeting adjourned and those of us heading north stopped at Havre de Grace to tour the Lighthouse and Maritime Museum.

2008 Baltimore, MD - Havre de Grace Lighthouse 2008 Baltimore, MD - Club cars


Williamsburg, VA - December - 2007
2007 Williamsburg, VA - Decorations

Colonial Williamsburg is a magical place any time of year, but during the winter holiday season it's especially so. The historic area is decorated with wreaths and decorations.

Saturday evening, 32 club members and friends converged on Colonial Williamsburg. We met for dinner at Christiana Campbell's, one of the historic area inns, directly behind the Capitol building at the foot of Duke of Gloucester Street.

2007 Williamsburg, VA - Dinner

After dinner we went on a Ghost Tour of the historic area.

Saturday was pretty much unstructured until the evening, with members free to roam the historic area, shop at the many outlet malls, or do whatever they chose. 2007 Williamsburg, VA - Dinner

2007 Williamsburg, VA - Dinner 2007 Williamsburg, VA - Dinner
2007 Williamsburg, VA - Fireworks

The crowning moment Sunday were performances by fife and drum corps and other period entertainments followed by the fireworks.

The Grand Illumination was followed by a lovely club dinner. This was the second holiday weekend we have done as a club, and the turnout and the feedback suggest that it will not be the last.

Lime Rock, CT - September - 2007
2007 Lime Rock, CT - Inn Sign 2007 Lime Rock, CT - Meal time Our intrepid crew of Solid Axles made their way to the Wake Robin Inn at Lakeville, CT, the trees were green, the temperatures were warm, and the air was still. The staff at this late 19th Century former girls school could not do enough to make us feel welcome. A welcoming message adorned their sign on the road, and a huge Corvette flag was displayed in the outdoor dining area.
While waiting for an opportunity for some laps on the Lime Rock Raceway, we had another activity. When bride Kate McDermott noticed last spring that a Corvette club would be at the hotel, she asked if it would be possible to have us drive the bridal party (bride & groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen) the 1 mile from the church to the reception - this drew a unanimous "yes" from the MASACC attendees. 2007 Lime Rock, CT - Wedding
The Lime Rock staff was waiting for us and explained the rules. We started off slowly, gradually stepping up the speed. The fast straightaway abruptly ended in a series of curves - there's a great deal to be said for modern independent rear suspensions! 2007 Lime Rock, CT - Race Track

Carlisle, PA - August - 2007
2007 Carlisle, PA - Tents after storm
The annual Corvettes at Carlisle event is homecoming for the Mid-Atlantic SACC Chapter. Our founding members chose this place to establish MASACC and we have gathered here every year since for good company, lots of great cars and our annual chapter meeting. This year will go down in history for the Saturday evening "Big Blow." A brief, but intense storm blew through the fair grounds drenching merchandise and blowing down a number of the tents. Fortunately, no loss of life but a number of minor injuries and lots of damaged (mostly scratches and a few gouges) cars.

SACC had its tent up in its traditional spot right inside Gate 3 where we parked our30 or more C 1s.

2007 Carlisle, PA - Fairgrounds 2007 Carlisle, PA - Stage

The 50th Anniversary display included Mike and Karen Russo's beautifully restored stock 1957. We were also pleased to see several Chapter members' cars chosen as Celebrity Picks from the Fun Display.

2007 Carlisle, PA - 57 Tent
During the weekend we added 8 new members to our Chapter, and Ken Amrick reports that national SACC gained 19 new members. At 2:30 PM, Saturday, August 25, President John Battista called the annual meeting to order. 2007 Carlisle, PA - Club Meeting John solicited assistance with the 2008 SACC annual convention, and Brad Bean gave an overview of planned convention activities. Maureen Strazdon reported on Club events held in the past year and on upcoming events. The Fall 2006 event in Lancaster, PA, was a record-setter, with 41 Chapter members attending. Treasurer Mike Boyer reported on Chapter finances for the period January 1 - August 21, 2007. The Chapter opened the year with $8,018.96 in the treasury and had $8,026.37 as of August 21. Ron Whitmoyer was elected as the new Chapter President and incumbent Vic Bary was re-elected as Secretary.

New Hope, PA - June - 2007
The club's spring event was held in New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope offers shopping, the work of local artisans, a renowned playhouse, and rides on an antique train or in a mule-drawn barge along the canal. Maureen Strazdon had arranged for us to have the run of the house at the Aaron Burr House and the Umpleby House - two of three B&B's near one another and under common ownership.
2007 New Hope, PA - Dinner

Friday night, most of our thirty attendees met at the Triumph Brewing Company, the food was delicious, as were the featured beers.

Saturday morning, at 9 AM, we gathered at the Aaron Burr house parking lot for our Tech Session - a visit by Dave, AJ, and Phil of Blue Sky Classic Cars (, 973-691-8000), a Budd Lake New Jersey restoration shop that specializes in Corvettes. Don Whitehead raised his

2007 New Hope, PA - Tech Session

long-standing WCFB carb tuning question. After listening to the idling car, they recommended closing down the idle circuits of the second four-barrel. Since the secondary idle circuit isn't needed as the first carb takes care of everything until about 2/3's throttle.

2007 New Hope, PA - Exploring

After the tech session, we had several hours to explore New Hope and have lunch, before reconvening for the road trip. Maureen, with the help of Don and Pat Whitehead, had mapped out a 45 mile round trip up the Delaware River, with a stop at a classic ice cream parlor midway through the trip. The trip up the Pennsylvania side of the river was scenic and provided shade from the sun. We met at 5 PM at Esca restaurant, which is situated next to the Pennsylvania Canal tow path. The excellent Italian dinner was served family style at 2 large tables set up just for us. Afterwards, we adjourned to the ample backyard of the B&B for a wine tasting and general conviviality.

2007 New Hope, PA - Lunch

Then it was time to head for home. With 30 members in attendance, and 16 C-1s present, our New Hope outing will rank among our more successful weekends.

G. Potter King Auction - Atlantic City - 2007
The G. Potter King Collectible Car Auction, held over a three-day period mid winter each year in the Atlantic City Convention Center, makes for a nice mid-winter break. Once again this year, a number of MASACC members met for the day. The Beans, Whitmoyers, Whiteheads and Mike Boyer and Paul Catinella were there.

On Saturday's auction, alone, 183 cars were scheduled to go under the gavel. The massive hall was filled with street rods, a number of Deuce coupes and 1940 Fords, several Porsche and Ford Cobra replicars, and countless restored cars from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Those included a number of beautiful '57 Chevy convertibles and coupes, '55-'57 Thunderbirds, GTOs and Mopars, and a drop dead gorgeous maroon 1947 Ford Phaeton convertible. There were even some Vettes - including a Honduras Maroon 62 Fuelie. It seems that the quality of the cars gets better every year.
2007 G. Potter King Auction - Atlantic City, NJ
A couple of the cars offered during the auction Saturday were:
  • A 1960 Vette FI big brake, dog dish hub caps, heater delete. Black with silver coves and a turquoise interior (an allowable interior choice with that color). Matching numbers and 4-speed. A high bid of $92,500 failed to meet the owner's reserve.
  • A 1961 Vette, black with silver coves and red interior . A numbers matching 283/270HP. The bidding hit $50K, then slowly built to $62K, with Pro-Team taking it home.
Watching all those lovely cars sell for so much green made us hungry, so we adjourned to Los Amigos Mexican restaurant. Located in a garishly painted Victorian building in the 1800 block of Atlantic Avenue (about 5 blocks form the Convention Center), their menu is superb, and the Margaritas are good, too. You should put both the auction and the restaurant on your 2008 calendar - they're a great cure for the winter blues.


King of Prussia, PA - Holiday Party - 2006
On Sunday, December 10, 27 MASACC members gathered at Bertolini's Restaurant in King of Prussia for our annual holiday party. The temperature outside was in the 60's, a far cry from our last visit in 2003, when the Mid-Atlantic region received 20 inches of snow.

The restaurant duplicated (at our request) the same menu it had three years ago, at the same price.
2006 Holiday Dinner 2006 Holiday Dinner
It was great having so many friends together to share stories about past club events, planned projects and hoped for purchases.

We had a great time, and we hope you can join us for one or more of the 2007 events. For more details and pictures, see the January 2007 issue of A Glass Act.

Lancaster, PA - Covered Bridges Weekend - 2006
Lancaster Weekend 2006 Dinner On Friday, September 29, 41 members and 21 C-1�s had arrived in time for a group dinner at the Lancaster Host hotel. On Saturday morning we were off to Horsepower Enterprises/ Precision Roadster for our technical session. Next, it was back to the hotel for quick change into Amish hats and a group picture, and then off for a 45 mile, 6 covered bridges, road tour which included a Photo Op in front of a huge rooster.
Lancaster Weekend 2006 Member Group Picture
Lancaster Weekend 2006 On the Road Tour
Lancaster Weekend 2006 On the Mystery Train
That evening we boarded the Strasburg Rail Road for dinner and a mystery. For more details and additional pictures, please check out the October 2006 issue of A Glass Act.

Carlisle, PA - Corvettes as Carlisle Weekend - 2006
On Saturday August 26, 2006, the MASACC annual meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM in the SACC tent at Corvettes at Carlisle.
Corvettes at Carlisle 2006 President John Battista informed the group that Brad Bean had agreed to fill the remaining one year term as the Vice President of SACC. The position opened when Max Brockhouse, current VP, was asked to fill the position of President. Current President, Noland Adams, had stepped down as he felt that he could not properly fill the remaining term of office due to health issues.

Vice President Maureen Strazdon and Treasurer Mike Boyer were asked to stand for re-election and both were returned to office by unanimous vote. Secretary Vic Bary asked for a vote to change the 2007 membership form so that permission to provide membership information to other members is automatically given unless the member �opts out.� The group voted unanimously for the change.

SACC has asked whether we would sponsor the 2008 annual convention. John Battista agreed to chair the event as he had in 2005, and 12 other members volunteered to assist in various capacities. The club then voted to sponsor the 2008 convention.
As usual, Ken had arranged for dinner at Rillo�s Italian Restaurant in downtown Carlisle. As always, fine food, and good company were to be had.
Corvettes at Carlisle 2006 Dinner
Corvettes at Carlisle 2006 Editor Choice Awards
And, for those that don�t hang around Carlisle until Sunday morning � you miss the Editor�s Choice Awards. The C1 machines have traditionally done very well in this event and this year was no exception. See the October 2006 issue of A Glass Act for additional details and pictures.

St. Michaels, MD - Weekend - 2006
St. Michaels Dinner On June 2-4, 2006, St. Michaels, Maryland was ours --40-strong, 30 in fiberglass cars, and others in steel vehicles. --

Most arrived early for the wonderful dinner at the Crab Claw restaurant. The seafood was terrific.

Saturday morning, the �boys� assembled for Part II of Ken Karhuse�s �Restoration Tools & Techniques,� begun nearly a year ago in Rhinebeck, New York. Ken talked about dehumidifiers, heaters, floor coverings, strange tools for odd jobs.
St. Michaels Cars
St. Michaels Cars After some time spent in town for lunch and shopping, we reassembled in the hotel parking lot for the drive to Tilghman Island.

Tilghman Island is a small fishing village that has changed little with time. It gave us a place to assemble all our cars together for a photo op.
St. Michaels Weekend Members Photo
For Dinner that evening we had the entire second floor dining area. Great Food!! See the July 2006 issue of A Glass Act for additional details and pictures.
St. Michaels Drinks and Dinner

In December (10-11th) we visited the John Wesley Inn in Cape May for our traditional holiday lunch and the final MASACC event of the 2005 year.

We kicked off the weekend Friday night with dinner for early arrivals at the Mad Batter restaurant, which offered the best crab cakes we've ever eaten.

From there we were off on a trolley tour of the Victorian district, where our guide encouraged us to sing Christmas Carols. See the January 2006 issue of A Glass Act for details.
Cape May Holiday Weekend 2005
Cape May 2005
Due to popular demand, MASACC scheduled a repeat visit to Cape May, NJ for our fall event. We met during Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2005. As usual, good company, good food, good drink, tech sessions and road trips. Check the October 2005 issue of A Glass Act for details...
MASACC held their annual chapter meeting at Corvettes at Carlisle on August 27, 2005. We elected new officers, enjoyed each others company, looked at hundreds of fine cars and signed up 8 new chapter members. In addition, we donated $1,300 collected during the convention to the Chip Miller Fund. Check the October 2005 issue of A Glass Act for details.
Corvettes at Carlisle 2005
SACC National Convention 2005
MASACC hosted the 2005 SACC National Convention at Hershey, PA during August 23 - 25, 2005. Approximately 120 SACC members from around the country gathered at Harrisburg/Hershey to enjoy each others company and to get a chance to check the "rides" people brought to the convention. We had approximately 55 solid axle cars in attendance representing one of every year produced ('53 - '62). We enjoyed good food, liquid refreshment, brilliant tech sessions, a road trip to Gettysburg and spent lots of time leaning over the hoods of various cars discussing the engineering the "General" used 50 years ago to build these wonderful cars. Check the October 2005 issue of A Glass Act for details...
The Spring MASACC event was held in Rhinebeck, NY over the June 4 - 5 weekend. We enjoyed great camaraderie, food, weather and had wonderful tours of the Rhinebeck Aerodrome and the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park. See the July 2005 issue of A Glass Act for details and pictures.

Holiday Party 2004
The annual Holiday party was held at Bertonlini's in King of Prussia, PA. Fine food and friendship were the order of the day. See the January 2005 issue of A Glass Act for details and pictures.
The fall 2004 MASACC event was Called the Freestate Fling!  We met in Ocean City, MD over the October 1 - 2, 2004, weekend.  Our event was held in Conjunction with the Freestate Corvette Club Fall car show -- over 750 Corvettes of all years were registered and in town for the event. Besides the car show, we enjoyed fine food, company and tech sessions.  Please see the October 2004 issue of A Glass Act for details.
Freestate Fling 2004
Annual Meeting 2004
The MASACC annual meeting was held on Saturday afternoon (Aug 28, 2004) at Corvettes @ Carlisle.  After a discussion of club finances and plans for the upcoming SACC Convention in Harrisburg, we reelected Maureen and Mike to new terms as Vice President and Treasurer.  Please see the October 2004 issue of A Glass Act for details.
The Spring event was held in Cape May New Jersey over the May 21-23 weekend.  We viewed Victorian homes, enjoyed good food and friendship, and learned a lot in the tech sessions. Many Corvettes were in town since the NCRS Regional was held nearby during the same weekend.  See the July 2004 issue of A Glass Act for details and pictures.
Cape May New Jersey 2004

On Sunday December 14, 2003 MASACC members braved the second big storm of the year and gathered in King of Prussia to celebrate the holidays and renew acquaintances.  See the January 2004 issue of A Glass Act for details.
Over the 18 - 19 Oct, 2003 weekend, MASACC members gathered in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains to enjoy good company and the beautiful fall foliage. See the January 2004 issue of A Glass Act for details.
MASACC held the 3rd annual business meeting at the August 2003, Corvettes@Carlisle.  Officers were elected and we had dinner at Rillo's on Saturday night and at the Allenberry Resort on Friday Night.  See the October 2003 issue of A Glass Act for details.
In June, 2003, a number of MASACC members joined the rest of SACC in Flint Michigan to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Corvette.  See the October 2003 issue of A Glass Act for details and pictures.
It was a red, white and blue day in Colonial Williamsburg over the April 26 & 27th, 2003, weekend.  View a short write up and some pictures.

The first of many, we hope, Christmas get-togethers took place at Dick Clark's Restaurant in King of Prussia, PA, in December of 2002.  View a short write up and some pictures.
The second club activity of the year took place in Annapolis, Maryland over the October 5-6, 2002, weekend.   View a short write up and some pictures.  One of the Tech Session presenters, Rick's Restoration Service, provided a handout on gauges.
The Chapter Membership meeting was held at Carlisle in August of 2002.  View minutes of the meeting and scenes of Carlisle including the solid axle cars from the ENewsletters/Volutionary Display.
Our first Club activity occurred in  the Brandywine Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania over the April 20-21, 2002 weekend.  Approximately 50 members and spouses along with 15 cars enjoyed the weekend.  View details and some pictures.

SACC Display Corvettes @ Carlisle
The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club was established at an organizational meeting held at Corvettes@Carlisle in August of 2001.  We try to schedule two club events as well as a Holiday Party every year to give the membership an opportunity to get together and share experiences.
SACC display at Corvettes@Carlisle, Aug 2001

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